join the club!

once you’ve paid for one session for your child, don’t pay for another one until they are 18!

join the club!

Have one paid session*, then get free sessions** for your child until they are 18!

All you need is one fully paid up session* & you are entitled to great ongoing benefits by joining the club - you have nothing to lose & everything to gain! Ideally, but not necessarily, start when you are pregnant & move from club to club as your family grows... just click on the appropriate club to read about all the great benefits that are waiting there for you... Join in at whatever stage suits you.

Join the pregnancy bump club & you can move on to the baby grow club, for free!

If you are a member of the baby grow club, you can join the cute kids club free of charge when the time is right...

Being part of the cute kids club entitles you to free membership of the family club a bit later on.

From the womb to age 18 - you only need pay for one session!

Check out the details of each club now! Entry is simple...

  1. *entry to the clubs has to be via a fully paid up session - attending special events & using other offers do not qualify

** the free sessions must be taken in the north shore studio - see locations page

this is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to my loyal clients. Getting to know a growing family is so rewarding & allows me to capture those special moments in a child’s (and parent’s) life.



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