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... because there has to be, unfortunately!

the small print

If I could do without the small print, I would. But, there has to be some framework, I suppose.

I try not to make you jump through hoops, but I do go by the industry standard terms & conditions, created jointly by the two leading professional bodies, the AIPA & NZIPP:

NZIPP terms & conditions.pdf for private clients

AIPA terms & conditions.pdf for commercial clients

If you have any queries at all on the finer legal points, then please just email me your questions.

TreatMe Offer Terms & Conditions

* Vouchers valid for 7 days after purchase.

  1. *Booking must be made within 7 days of purchase & the voucher number supplied to the photographer for redemption.

  2. *Session date may be booked up to 4 months in advance.

  3. *The studio will make every effort to book your preferred time, but no date can be guaranteed & bookings are subject to the normal first-come, first-served system.

  4. *Session must be booked within normal working hours (9am - 5pm) Monday to Friday.

  5. *Sessions will be at the North Shore studio.

  6. *Good outdoor locations exist around the north shore studio. These can only be used by prior arrangement & subject to the photographer’s agreement & may be subject to an additional fee.

  7. *The free limited edition print must be claimed at the studio after the session.

  8. *For the prices of all prints, files, canvases & other products available after your session, please see my prices page.

  9. *Acceptance of a booking is at the discretion of the studio. The studio reserves the right to refund a client’s TreatMe payment & cancel the booking at any time.

  10. *Only one voucher per session is required & only one individual or related group per session. The studio reserves the right to combine  multiple related session bookings into one session & refund the additional TreatMe payments.

  11. *No refunds, no cash back, not to be used with other offers (subject first to TreatMe’s own refund policy).

money back guarantee

I always want you to be completely satisfied with my service & the images I create for you. If you are not completely satisfied, I will offer you another free session* or give you your money back. Choosing one image from the session negates this proposition, as does any print or file order.

*Offering a free session under my money back guarantee is entirely at my discretion. If I believe there is no chance of improving upon the first session, I will simply return your money.

price promise

If you find a great deal elsewhere, but would prefer to use me as your photographer, then bring the deal to me & I’ll match or beat it for you**. It must be a current deal & I’ll investigate it to make sure all the finer details are understood.

**Matching deals is entirely at my discretion. I will endeavour to improve upon any current promotion or deal by a professional photographer or studio in auckland, but I also reserve the right to decline to match any deal, without obligation.

late payment

I allow a generous 30 days for payment of my invoices, but if the invoice remains unpaid after that time I reserve the right to charge penalty interest at 15% of the total outstanding amount, monthly, compounded from the date of invoice. The amount of interest levied is onerous, deliberately. I also reserve the right to charge administration fees to cover the totally unnecessary time spent chasing money owed & doing wasteful paperwork.

Essentially, I pay my suppliers quickly & without fuss. If everyone did the same, the business world would be a more honest & pleasant place.

I retain ownership & complete control, irrespective of the type of licence, until due payment is made, in full. This means I may legally prevent you from using any images until they are fully paid for.

If you are having difficulty paying, then please just talk to me. I do always listen sympathetically if I am given the chance.

use of images

I retain copyright of all the images I take. Any one commissioning me to take photographs agrees to this under the NZIPP & AIPA terms & conditions. This means I always “own” the images. The purchase of an image file by a private client only allows them to use that file for their own personal use. No commercial use is allowed. Commercial clients will be granted a license to use images commercially, subject to the terms of the specific license & payment of the agreed fee. No image can be used commercially without prior agreement.

In the terms & conditions documents, there are clauses stating that I can use the images for personal promotion, competition entries, gallery display etc. Be assured that I always seek the subject’s permission where possible. The reason for the clause is that sometimes it is not possible to track down the subjects / clients because they have emigrated, changed their names etc. If there are specific images you would never like to be displayed, then do let me know at viewing time & I will make a notation to that effect.

Of course, without appropriate model releases, I would never allow client’s images to be used commercially.



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