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Several times each year, I open my studio doors to allow people to easily experience a studio session without the pain & angst of believing they have to sell the family car to be able to afford it! The idea is simple - a $20 door charge per group for 20 minutes of rapid photo action. Afterwards, prints can be purchased or a longer session can be booked.

Try it, you’ve got very little to lose & it’s always fun! Subscribe to my newsletter & you’ll never miss one. Watch out for pregnancy photo opendays, baby photo opendays, family photo opendays, actors photo opendays, model photo opendays & body art opendays.

Pets Openday

Sunday 4th March 2012 - the studio, 5 bellbird rise, murrays bay

Pay just $20 per booking & get 20 minutes of fantastic studio portrait time for your pet. Afterwards you can view all the images taken & purchase hand prints of only the ones that you want at up to 20% off list prices. Other products at 10% off. (Orders must be received with 2 weeks of the session.)

If you want a full session after this experience, book

yourself in with a 20% discount off the standard booking fee.

So don’t miss this opportunity to get some

fantastic professional portraits of your pet!

Entry requirements: you must have a pet!

Booking is essential, so just email for availability

or call 0800 PHOTOS to book yourself in.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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any future opendays & pass on the information

to anyone you know who loves their pet!



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