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“a makeover is sheer indulgence, and so becomes one of life’s absolute necessities”


hair, makeup & accessories. All slightly over the top - all the ingredients you need to create some memorable glamour. Oh, and you, of course... Whether you are looking to create some images that reflect the real you, or some artistic interpretations of you, or a model looking to create some more sparkle for the portfolio, a glamour session is the way to do it.

luxury makeover day

From wardrobe analysis & a personal shopping session with a specialist, to hair styling & a makeup makeover from the best, followed by a photoshoot & prints to take home. What man would not take his beautiful partner out for a fabulous dinner to round off this day?

Here you will find some samples of my work to help you decide on the type of photographs you’d like, all the costs so there are no surprises, a booking form to book yourself in (or a gift voucher purchase) & some preparation notes. Simply fill the booking form in or, if it’s easier, just call me!



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gallery to come

gallery to come

Glamour & Makeover Gallery


$499 incl gst.


  1. *Come with a range of outfits & accessories, from evening gowns for high glam, to lingerie for bedroom glam!

  2. *Try & keep it elegant, & do bring accessories (jewellery, hats et) so you can mix & match your outfits.

  3. *Avoid underwear & tight and elastic clothing for 48 hours before - the body holds marks dreadfully!

  4. *Wash your hair but don’t put any product in it

  5. *Leave the makeup off completely (or keep it extra simple if you can’t bear to do that!)

  6. *But most importantly, get a good night’s sleep, relax & don’t worry about these guidelines if you don’t want to!


Please do just call me if you have any questions or want me to book you in. Otherwise, you can go ahead & fill in the appropriate form, depending on whether the session is for yourself or a gift, then you’ll be taken to my payment page where you can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Weekends & evenings are in high demand, so I do need a 20% deposit paid to secure any weekend appointment.

You can read all about my gift vouchers on the pricing page if you’d like to know more.

What’s included in the glamour session...

  1. *An unhurried studio portrait session, approximately 60-90 minutes, in a purpose-built studio, or in a location of your choosing...

  2. *A hair & makeup specialist for one hour to prepare you properly (additional stylist hours or part will cost $160)

  3. *A 10x12” print, beautifully mounted

  4. *10% off additional prints or other products ordered at the viewing session

  5. *A money-back guarantee. If you don’t like any of the images, you can have another session free of charge, or your money back.

  6. *An online pre-viewing gallery of your session images, so you can see them in the comfort of your own home & share them with friends & family anywhere in the world.

  7. *Complimentary lifetime storage of your image files with the Image Archives, so they will always be there for you to see again.



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gallery to come

What’s included in the Luxury Style Makeover Day

this day gives you everything you could possibly want to make you feel fantastic & boost your confidence: wardrobe analysis, personal shopping advice, hair styling, makeup makeover, professional photoshoot and beautiful prints to take home. Here’s what you can expect*:

10:00am you personal wardrobe stylist will arrive at your house. She will go through your clothes with you, advising you on what looks good, what doesn’t, what needs to change & how. Don’t worry, she won’t tear up any of your clothes & if you have the perfect rack, she’ll tell you!

11:30am she will take you shopping! Discover new shops & a new way of shopping armed with a clothes confidence you hadn’t quite managed to achieve before. She’ll provide you with lunch & great companionship as well as sound advice, until it is time to deliver you to the studio.

4pm you’ll arrive at the studio where your own hair stylist will fashion your locks exactly as you like them. Whether you just want a quick trim or a new shape, she’s all yours!

4:45pm our fantastic makeup artist will prepare you for the camera and you can learn professional tips along the way.

5:30pm finally, you’ll love the attention you’ll get from the camera. I’ll make you look stunning!

7pm or thereabouts, we will have finished our work & will send you home happy!

A few days later you’ll be able to come back in & see all your images. I’ll then load them up onto my website so you can also share them with friends & family if you wish.

Included in this package is one large framed A3 hand print and two 10x8” mounted hand prints of your choice. Additionally, if you order anything else within 6 weeks, I’ll give you 10% off.

p.s. make sure you let us know whether you prefer red or white wine.

*timings are approximate


$1,750 incl gst.

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