Home from home

Originally from the UK, we have travelled the world & decided that New Zealand is the only place to put down roots! We know what it's like to be away from home - both the excitement & the pangs!

We understand both the importance of having access to help when you need it, and the desire to have privacy when you want it, so although we are here to help, we are happy to leave you entirely to your own devices. We have travelled around most of New Zealand, so can offer advice if requested & will do everything we can to make your stay a memorable one, however brief.

If, before you leave home, you need pointers on where to find information about Auckland or New Zealand, then just ask - our full contact details are on the about us page. While you are here, there is not much we can't organise - if there's a special occasion & you'd like a makeover or a massage, for example, we have some great mobile practitioners...

New Zealand is reputed to have some of the best scenery anywhere, but a lesser known fact is that it serves up some of the best coffee in the world; since we are frequent cafe-goers, if you want some advice on where to visit, we are more than happy to share the secrets!