the Blind Foundation

This Saturday 26th, at 7:30pm, at Rangitoto College on Auckland's North Shore, there will be a fabulous fashion event, put on by the talented students. It's big, believe me - check out the StyleMe Facebook page.

During that event, the iPatch will be launched. The iPatch is the latest fashion accessory craze - hand-made, bespoke eyewear. So, get a ticket & come along to watch the extraordinary new eye fashion have its catwalk debut! You may well have seen the social media campaign to promote the iPatch & the event, but in case you missed it, you can see the images here, below.

After the world-first catwalk, the iPatches used in the promotion will be auctioned off & the proceeds (minus gst and any charges) will be donated to the Blind Foundation. You will be able to book your seat in any auction (each iPatch will be auctioned off separately) here, from this page. You will have October to book your seat as the auctions will end during Blind Week Street Collection (Oct 30/31). As of Sunday, the images here will be replaced by auction details.

Keep watching - many more to come yet!