Website Use

The galleries on this site are designed to give you just a glimpse of my work. They can be viewed on all mobile devices, but they are best when viewed in full screen mode (the little icon on the bottom-right corner of each gallery). When viewing the whole site, portrait orientation of the browser window or mobile device is best.

Contact Details

You will find my email & phone number in the footer of every page. I work from a small - but perfectly formed - studio on Auckland's north shore. I am, of course, happy to work in any studio or location you have in mind, worldwide.


My passion is people & I do seem to attract little people quite a lot... so if you have to break the rule of "never work with...", call me!









I retain copyright of all my work & licence my images for my clients, providing them with exactly the license they require. I am a member of the AIPA & I subscribe to their terms & conditions. All my clients must accept these terms when commissioning me to create images for them. Any difficulties or issues must be raised prior to the commencement of any work.

Payment. I allow 7 days for payment of my invoices, but if the invoice remains unpaid after that time I reserve the right to charge penalty interest at 15% of the total outstanding amount, monthly, compounded from the date of invoice. The amount of interest levied is onerous, deliberately. I also reserve the right to charge administration fees to cover the totally unnecessary time spent chasing money owed & doing wasteful paperwork. Essentially, I pay my suppliers quickly & without fuss. If everyone did the same, the business world would be a more straightforward & pleasant place. I retain ownership & complete control, irrespective of the type of licence, until due payment is made, in full. This means I may legally prevent you from using any images until they are fully paid for.
If you are having difficulty paying, then please just talk to me. I do always listen sympathetically if I am given the chance.